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Q1. The colors are not correct.

A1. If you change a screen or paper, define the hue standard. For details, refer to Pre-output Image Quality Adjustment.

If the colors are still not as intended after changing the hue standard, try the following.

  • When the RU option is mounted on this machine
    If Color Density Control is set to ON, calibration is carried out automatically.

  • When the RU option is not mounted on this machine
    Carry out calibration of the image controller. The calibration should be performed at any of the following times.

  • 6 hours later after you turn on the power of this machine

    After printing 1,000 to 2,000 sheets

    Before printing a job that requires accurate hue

  • When Intelligent Quality Optimizer IQ-501 is mounted
    This machine adjusts colors automatically and collectively.
    For details, refer to Package Color Auto Adj..